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International MBA in English

Korea & Asia Business Studies Track

KABS program: Your MBA in South Korea

The KABS program is an international MBA program offered at Hanyang University in South Korea. It is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed as leaders and managers in Asia. Taught entirely in English, the program offers students a multicultural environment to enhance their skills and achieve their professional goals, as well as gain insights into the unique characteristics of the Asian market.

Launched in 2016, this MBA program was the first of its kind to be fully taught in English in Seoul. Since then, it has been continuously updated to ensure that students are well-prepared and have the right set of tools to face the challenges they will encounter in their careers. It is directly reflected in the curriculum and the faculty body, which is composed of top-notch and passionate professors.

Meet your future professors

Kyung Jin Cha, professor at Hanyang University School of Business and head professor of the KABS program

[Kyung Jin Cha]

Head Professor

Portrait of Seung Ik Beak, professor at Hanyang University School of Business

[Seung Ik Beak]

Management Information Systems

Portrait of Matthew Clement, assistant professor at Hanyang University

[Matthew Clement]

International Business Communication

Potrait of Nam Jae Cho, professor at Hanyang University School of Business and founder of the KABS program

[Nam Jae Cho]

Management Information Systems

Hanyang University - Seoul Campus (South Korea)

Hanyang University is dedicated to providing the best possible infrastructure on both its campuses to ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone. The Seoul Campus boasts an athletic field and a library with an extensive collection of literature, journals, and other resources.

MBA students have access to a range of facilities in addition to the common ones available on campus. These include a fully-equipped lounge in the Business Building, copy rooms, and the Metaverse zone. These facilities are aimed at providing the necessary infrastructure and support for their academic success.

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